Selective Strategy – Thinking Skills


  • Critical Thinking
    – Applying Principles
    – Detecting Reasoning Errors
    – Finding the Main Conclusion
    – Identifying Inferences and Assumptions
    – Matching Arguments
  • Problem Solving
    – Relevant Selection
    – Finding Procedures
    – Identifying Patterns and Similarities

Thinking Skills 

Discover our meticulously designed Thinking Skills tests! We have developed 4 unique questions (in the form of a mini-test) for each of the eight Thinking Skills categories that you’ll face on the real NSW test! Drawing inspiration from NSW past tests, including the latest 2023 exam, each set of questions offers targeted practice and preparation that will propel you to have an exceptional performance. To enhance your understanding, every question set is accompanied by a descriptive lesson video that thoroughly explains the solutions. With these comprehensive resources, you can gain valuable practice, expand your knowledge, and be fully prepared for the upcoming NSW Selective Test.